360 View Product photography

360 View Photography

Do your customers buy with their eyes?

Not a trick questions, when you’re looking on an e-commerce site, and the image of the product is poor, does it put you off?

Bad imagery means a customer cannot see the product in all it’s real-life glory. Having an interactive 360 product view, lets your customers view an item more or less the same way they would in a real-life department store.

The customer spins the product around and views from the top and bottom and can zoom in for a closer look.

It is claimed that customers will stay for SIX times longer and sales conversion rates are up to 30% higher with 3D views, with return of unwanted item rates minimised, all due to a greater understanding of the product, through imagery!

Do you think 360 degree views of your products could help improve your sales?

360 views can also be animated GIFs or MP4s with limited functionality so all social media platforms are covered.

We are happy to offer a trial product view produced in HTML5 or as an embedded link file of one your products to view and try out FOR FREE. Contact us through one of the links below and we will arrange your FREE trial.

Download the 360 product View PDF information sheet